MISTRESS OF VERSAILLES is based on the true story of Athenais de Montespan, an ambitious, sparklingly witty lady-in-waiting who turns to witchcraft to become Queen of France. 

When Athenais brings a withered and sexually twisted Nun to the court of Louis XIV the Sun King, she doesn't expect a journey into suppressed lesbian desire and a race for power. The crimes of passion, the poisonings and the sexually depraved betrayals that ensue lead to a witchhunt across France and the renewed persecution of the Protestants.

Amazingly it's a true story; a story of a beautiful Catholic woman torn by her inner conflicting passions for the spiritual and the worldly, torn apart by the sexual desires of a King and a Nun; this is the story of a country torn apart by human desire and destruction. 

Mistress of Versailles is a polished period film screenplay created by Becky Sharpe - it is at final draft script stage, budgeted at £20M, with the final draft co-written with Martin Smith.