The Cult is based on a true story, set against a backdrop of opium dens and sexual depravity of a bombed-out 1917 London.

Rightwing MP, Pemberton Billing became obsessed with an erotic dancer, Maud Allan, as she did the infamous Dance of Salome on the London stage.

When she rejected his advances, and hearing of her lesbian love affair with the Prime Minister's wife, Pemberton Billing set out on a course of revenge that nearly brought down the British government. 

He stood up in parliament and explained that men who had sex with other men could only be german spies (being British would preclude any sexual perversion). This was met with widespread approval and the beginning of The Black Book of names of perverts and spies.

Billing went on to claim that lesbians had physically deformed clitorises and could not be satisfied by human men, so the wretches had formed a Cult - The Cult of The Clitoris. Perverts and Traitors: And it was time to make them stop.

Pemberton Billing's bitter war against Maud Allan led him to form a new political party and he personally ensured the imprisonment and beatings of hundreds and thousands of gays and lesbians in the name of being British. And in the name of being British, his political party has continued until this very day - the British National Party.

The Cult is an epic first world war film in development; first draft script written by Becky Sharpe.