Coaching for Actors

Becky offers on-camera acting coaching to develop authenticity, emotional connection and presence for actors. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced actor, you will be able to take your acting work for to the next level – and you’ll have fun too!

You can read more below about what is included in the coaching sessions. But more importantly than all of these technical aspects, Becky will help you grow and build your self-belief. Although her speciality is working with cameras (as she has been doing this her whole life - even growing up, her mother was a photographer!) her passion is healing and growth. So, when you feel ready to start working with Becky as your coach, you might like to see it as investing in your future health, happiness and success.

So what will you get out of this work? Screen Acting is more important than ever for actors - even if all you want to do is work in theatre, many meetings and auditions are taking place on zoom (and other online camera platforms). Working on-camera in this digital era means more than it used to.

You will become better prepared for zoom auditions, self-tapes, online chats with directors, script readings online, and all of your interactions that take place with a camera (be it the camera in audition rooms, the camera in your laptop or tablet, or the camera on the film set when you get the job!)

The one-to-one sessions prepare you for future work on film sets, whether you have a small scene in a movie, or a large role in a series, so that as your success grows, so does your confidence in your abilities. 

You will learn powerful tools, specialising in emotional work to release old patterns and connect you to your inner world. This gives you better access to your emotional responsiveness, your ability to connect with yourself and others (be that in a scene or in your life).

Get in touch if you would like to book your first personalised coaching session.