Horror Weekend is a high concept psychological horror film about five screenwriters who apply for a weekend writing competition being overseen by Hollywood Producers.

The writers find themselves isolated and as they struggle to outdo each other with terrifying stories, the fictional events feed into their reality, and soon they are in a horrific trap of their own creation.

In their battle to survive the writers are led by Sally, our strong female heroine. She realises that their only hope is to escape, but it is already too late… They are under house arrest by the local police.

Trapped in a web of their nightmares, with nowhere to run and no one they can trust, they each must find resolution in facing up to their own demons.

HORROR WEEKEND explores our need to create fear and the human resolve to withstand it.


This film is inspired by the real events of the weekend when Mary Shelley dreamt up Frankenstein during a writing competition with Lord Byron and Percy Shelley.



Horror Weekend is at second draft script stage, budgeted at £250,000 and currently in development